CINS launches updated and revamped website!

Apr 4, 2022

As part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness of how CINS can support multidisciplinary academic and cultural links between Canada and the Nordic countries, CINS recently partnered with SOS Media Corp of Edmonton to update its brand and logo, and develop an engaging and user-friendly website.

CINS exists to provide financial support to individuals and organizations looking to enhance academic, trade, and cultural connections between Canada and Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, and the Faeroe Islands. But it can be hard to get the word out there! Working with the great team at SOS Media Corp has resulted in a new look that we are pretty proud of!

According to CINS Board Chair Rickard Enström, “it has been a creative journey and a delightful experience to work with SOS Media Group to develop the new CINS website and logo.  It is my wish that the new website will enhance the CINS capability to serve as a hub and clearinghouse on information, events, projects, and initiatives of interest to the Canadian-Nordic audience.”